Our Services

We provide a wide range of services for both interiors and exteriors.


Painting Emulsion

Walls or ceilings will be prepped prior to painting including masking off, removal of fixtures such as switches and sockets. The walls/ceiling will be painted to the highest standard ensuring that there is even coverage and straight edges.

emulsion painted walls
wood elements painted using gloss paint

Gloss Work

Gloss work can be carried out on a wide variety of woodwork, from doors and window frames with sills to hand banisters, skirting boards and wardrobes shelves. This requires a lot of attention and a lot of time to ensure an even finish and to allow the correct drying time between coats.


  • Wallpaper Stripping
  • Wallpaper hanging (plain and pattern/match up)
  • Lining paper hanging
  • Wall improvement (before)

All walls will be stripped and prepped, prior to the new wallpaper being hung. The wallpaper will be hung in a correct fashion making sure the edges are matched perfectly for patterns and to ensure no gaps are left.

flower wallpaper
plastering trowel


We are prepared to carry out small plastering jobs, on walls and ceilings. The walls will be prepped, and plastered to the highest standard making sure to keep the walls straight, and avoid plaster spillage. Once the plaster is dry the area that has been plastered will be sanded back and made smooth, ready for a perfect painted finish.

Wall Correction:

Prior to all wall coverings whether that be paint or wallpaper, we make sure the walls are in a suitable condition. This includes patching small holes from nails or other damage, dents in the plaster, rough spots and making sure the wall is smooth.

decorator improving wall surface
can of damp seal

Damp Seal

We can provide a damp seal service for you walls and ceilings as well as removing the horrible stains left behind. However this is only advisable if the source of the leak has been fixed prior to the damp seal work


  • Building exterior paint
  • Window frame painting
  • Cladding paint
  • Down pipes and gutters painted
  • Masonry paint
  • Iron work, rust removal and painting (metal railings and gates)
  • Garden fence and shed painting
  • Garage door painting.